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Gode sitater om backup

På nettet finnes det mange gode sitater. I denne artikkelen har vi samlet de beste vi har funnet om temaet «Hvorfor man skal ta backup?».

Every hard disk is guaranteed… To crash.

— Unknown

If it is worth keeping, it is worth backing up.

— T.E Ronneberg

I went to the gf’s work last week, they had no antivirus. 279 viruses. The best part was they showed me their backup strategy: they use custom software and they backed up the application by dragging the desktop icon (a shortcut) to their cd-drive. They had 2 years worth of shortcuts.

— gweebz0r

Sooner or later, everyone will understand the virtue of having a backup, some before a data disaster strikes, and the rest after.

— T.E Ronneberg

The irony of backup: Businesses that plan for failure will succeed!

— T.E Ronneberg

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